A Goodbye Letter to a Dear Friend

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by Elle on July 17, 2012

My Dearest Merlot,

You’ve probably noticed that our relationship has dwindled to almost no contact in the last few months and I wanted to officially say good bye… at least for now.

You’ve been a significant part of my life the last few years. You’ve always celebrated¬† happy moments with me and let me cry on your shoulder during tough moments. Throughout our first year of trying to get pregnant, you were always there for me with open arms at the end of each failed cycle, despite the fact that I neglected you during the two week wait.

You’re such a patient friend.

Sure we’ve had our ups and downs, what friendship hasn’t?

Remember that time you convinced me to call an ex-boyfriend at 3:00 am to tell him exactly what I thought of him? Although I cursed you the next day, I know it wasn’t your fault. It seemed like a good idea at the time and you were just trying to help.

It’s not all bad though – you’ve done great things for my friendships. I love the way you’re always encouraging my girlfriends and I to tell each other just how much we mean to one another every time you’re around. We end up all teary eyed and hugging slurring saying things like “you’re like a sister to me“.

If anything, you’ve allowed us to be more expressive.

You care for me… the way you’re always encouraging me to eat big, spicy meals when you’re around warms my heart (I know it’s more than just heartburn too). My thighs don’t thank you, but I do. You clearly thought I was under weight because I’ve gained about 10 lbs in the last 2 years thanks to you. You’re like a loving grandma who wants to fatten me up.

You’re still great friends with my friends and I’ll never ignore you. I’ll just wave from afar, but we can’t be friends right now.

It pains me to write you this letter

I have other priorities right now and I have to get as healthy as possible. Sadly, you would likely get in the way of that. I want this so badly that I just can’t let you stand in the way. So I have to let you go… and probably for a long time.

Perhaps in future, we’ll enjoy time with each other from time to time. For now however, I’ll have to end our relationship and the ‘no contact’ period will have to begin.

Here’s to all the years you’ve been by my side!


What have you had to say ‘good bye’ to in order to prepare your body for pregnancy?

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