Almost Decaffed And My HSG Experience

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by Elle on June 15, 2012

Last week, I bravely professed that I would be free of my caffeine addiction in a week. I learned one thing about myself…

I’m overly ambitious!

Didn’t happen people. I mixed caffeine in my morning coffee with decaf and the first day was a breeze… because it was only 1/4 decaf. I tried to take a huge leap by the second day with 1/2 decaf.

I had a headache that wouldn’t go away for the rest of the day.

I even tried to make it up to my caffeine habit by having a cup of fully regular coffee (I know, very bad), but it was too late. I’d already missed that crucial I-need-caffeine-or-I-will-kill-somebody stage.

Since then, I’ve been taking baby steps and am proud to say that today, 8 days into kicking my caffeine habit, I’m down to 90% decaf with just a touch of regular coffee in the morning.

Moral of the story…

It takes about 2 weeks to kick a caffeine habit while remaining sane. People who kick it in a week have super powers.

I also did an HSG last week to ensure that my tubes are open. Honestly, I’m not sure why my doctor wants to do this since we’re doing IVF anyway. Is there a reason I don’t know about or does he just want to be thorough?

I was a bit nervous because I’ve heard the HSG can be painful, especially if there’s any blockage in the tubes. So I did what I always do when it comes to TTC questions… I asked my tweeps:

Off to get an #HSG. Heard some say it's painful and others say it was nothing. Kinda nervous... Ladies, how was your HSG? #IVF #infertility
Time To Be Mommy

My tweeps calmed my fears. Just as they said, my HSG was quick  – it took less than 5 minutes and completely pain-free, I kept on waiting for those cramps and didn’t feel a thing.

The results were all clear – tubes are open and my uterus looks good.

I had actually taken the rest of the day as instructed by my doctor, but decided I was feeling good enough to go back to work.


The only thing I didn’t expect was the discharge. The dye that they put into the uterus has to make it’s way out. I expected it to come out all at once, hence this lovely mattress-like pad I got as a souvenir from the good folks at the clinic…

It took DAYS to make its way out. We’re all clear now! :)

Did you have an HSG? How was your experience?


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