When A Bitch Slap Just Makes You Feel Better

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by Elle on May 30, 2012

*Rant Alert*

I went to my infertility clinic yesterday in a relatively good mood. I came out wanting to slap some of the people who work there. Honestly, it’s like they purposely hire the most annoying, least sensitive people to be the ‘face’ of their clinic.

Here’s what happened:

In order to get ‘wanded‘ I was asked to come in with a full bladder. I did exactly as I was told and let the receptionist know that I’m totally ready for the ultrasound and my bladder is really full. She acknowledged that, asked me to sit down and continued on chatting with her co-worker about her upcoming vacation.

After 40 minutes of sitting there about to pee on the chair. I walked over and asked her how much longer I had to wait as I was about to explode. She looked me right in the eye and said “OMG, I totally forgot about you”.

I flipped.

I asked her how in the hell she could forget about me when I’m the only one in the waiting area.  Did she think I was there for the magazines? She responded with “chill out, it’s just pee”. I was about to reach over and slap her when the ultrasound tech, who was just in her room reading (not even knowing I was waiting) heard the commotion and came out.

She was kind enough to calm me down and apologize profusely for something that wasn’t her fault.  As I was about to leave, she told me that they’d gotten countless complaints about that particular receptionist.

“Then why is she still here making an already difficult situation more difficult?” She didn’t know. I wanted to go back and tell the receptionist where she could shove her attitude, but since she was gone I decided to do the next best thing… come on Twitter and tweet this instead:

People should really get sensitivity training before they're allowed to work at infertility clinic. #annoyed
Time To Be Mommy

I feel like I’m paying an arm and a leg to be treated like that every time I got to the clinic.  A little sensitivity goes a long way, especially in a medical environment.

To make matters worse, when I went in again this morning, they had included someone else’s chart in my file. Very scary. I was completely confused when my RE started talking about a cyst removal, which I haven’t had. I hope they don’t do this when we actually get to IVF. I’ve always heard great things about this particular clinic, which is supposed to be the best in the area, but that experience is making me lose my confidence.

Since I can’t slap anyone, I tweeted about this too:

Totally freaked out that my RE's office put someone else's results in my chart. Heard great things but hoping they don't make #IVF mistakes.
Time To Be Mommy

How’s your experience at your infertility clinic?


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