Things I don’t miss about TTC

by Elle on May 28, 2012

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Now that my BF and I know that IVF is our only option, we know that doing it the good old-fashioned way is just for fun. I think back to the year of trying to conceive (TTC) and how crazy it made me. I literally thought about it alllll day long.

I’m a bit happy that I could leave those things behind and I can obsess about IVF instead :)

I definitely don’t miss these things about TTC:

  1. Counting cycle days
  2. Timing intercourse and pretty much bullying my BF into it when he was tired
  3. Not allowing myself to pee for hours and hours and hours after intercourse
  4. Laying in bed with a pillow under my hips afterwards (I’ve even tried almost being on my head)
  5. Obsessing over dpo (days past ovulation) and whatever pregnancy symptom I managed to convince myself I had
  6. Trying not to POAS (pee on a stick)
  7. Breaking down and taking an HPT anyway – obviously negative
  8. Thinking “maybe I just took it too early” and still having hope that I may be pregnant even though my period is due the next day
  9. Running to the bathroom every few minutes to make sure AF hadn’t shown up on CD 28 or 29
  10. Getting excited that she hadn’t shown up and then having her literally rain on my parade at 11:59 on CD 29
  11. Getting depressed over AF’s arrival

If you’re trying to get pregnant, what do you obsess about?


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