“But Didn’t You Already Ovulate” And Other Fantastic Comments

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by Elle on May 22, 2012

BF and I tried to get pregnant for a very a while before we finally agreed that something was wrong. Actually, he didn’t as much agree as I was totally not listening to him.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the guy. He’s smart, sexy, wonderful and will be an amazing father. But TTC isn’t his thing.

Like it really isn’t his thing.

After close to eight months of trying and never getting that glorious BFP, I knew something was wrong. Despite the fact that he didn’t want to learn about cervical mucus  (honestly, who would?), or lacked the expected enthusiasm when I shoved my positive OPK in his face instead, exclaiming “what IS that thing”, he very suddenly became an expert at TTC.

His favorite ‘expert’ advice was –  “It takes some couples years and years to get pregnant. Don’t worry, it’ll happen”.

This is the sound I heard in my head – “What?”

Years and years?! Maybe you have that kind of time, but I don’t!

And I don’t know one person who tried to get pregnant for years and years without being successful and thought it was perfectly normal.

Where do guys get this stuff?

Along with that awesome bit of advice, he also lovingly included these:

  • Better luck next month.
  • Why are you so upset?
  • So what if they got pregnant?
  • I know you’re about to ovulate, but can we skip today?
  • Again? But didn’t you already ovulate?
  • So-and-so said it took her 5 years to get pregnant.
  • Do I HAVE to give a sample (after I’d given half of my blood, been wanded, did an HSG, and one month of dragging my ass to the clinic first thing to get my cycle monitored. Mind you his sample was given at home.)

And my all-time FAV…

  • Stop worrying so much, just relax and it’ll happen

Despite all that expert advice… I decided to keep him :)

Did you get any expert advice on your journey to getting pregnant?



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